Miss Tiggy…over!

We sailed into Palma Mallorca on Friday 22 September 2019 at 4pm. Circumnavigation done….2 years & 350 days, 45 countries, 3 oceans, a million stars and many wonderful adventures and experiences – far too many to count.

There are heaps of people to thank for their help along the way, particularly those people who joined us to crew and to get us from point A to wherever the next waypoint was on the chart. Rob & Belinda Sharpless (Palma to Lanzarotte), the team across the Atlantic, Frank, Mike, Michelle , Logan, Chris (to Cape Verde). Mike & Charlie from Antigua to Panama where Charlie left in a dramatic manner having discovered he was seriously ill, and Mike moved over to “Meteorite”, Rachel from Panama to Fiji, Malcom Bamford Panama to the Galapagos, Lloyd and Sarah Clark from Galápagos to the Marquesas, Rob, Franky and Alan from Fiji to New Zealand where Calum Tait, or as he is known on the boat, “Great Scot” joined us (with Rob again from NZ to Australia). We also had the joy of having Calum’s delightful girlfriend Kirsty on board in Australia, Thailand and across the Indian Ocean to the Maldives. Steve Richardson joined the boys on their Red Sea adventure and through the Suez Canal finally arriving in Cyprus.

The Oyster World Rally from Antigua to Lombok in Indonesia, was a journey in itself and we had the privilege of meeting some amazing people and making some new lifelong friends from all over the northern hemisphere! The “Wong Diwection” Rally made up of three boats….ourselves, “Calliope” and “Lisanne” ventured on alone. We had each other for support as well as the many experiences to share – thank you Charles & Nicky, and Eric!! At the recent Oyster Palma Regatta we celebrated our circumnavigations!!

Finally, a big thank you to Calum! He has been an absolute champion for helping us over the last 18 months! Not only did he put up with living in a space of 17.5 metre length and 5 metre beam with us, but he was competent, smart, interesting and interested in two ageing but fun loving, adventure seeking old Aussies! Since we arrived in Palma he and Kirsty together have managed to secure new roles on Oyster Zig Zag in the Caribbean and we wish nothing but the best for them on their new journey!

So, now it is time to put our boat to bed and head home to Australia for summer. We look forward to catching up with family and friends in an attempt to live on land again; at least for awhile!!

Thank you my amazing sister Sally Trethewey for caring for our 90 year old father which allowed me to continue the journey and to our two beautiful children Sal and Will for their wonderful support!!


2 thoughts on “Miss Tiggy…over!

  1. Well done Tig and James – what an incredible, wonderful adventure – providing you with an infinite number of memories. Awe inspiring!!! x


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