Kub Kun Ka Thailand

With a “winners are grinners” post racing swagger, we hauled Miss Tiggy out for two weeks of TLC. The growth and barnacles that had joined us since her last bottom wash in NZ were numerous and attempting a spectacular take over bid. Our home was now high up above the hot concrete of a car park with no refrigeration or running water so we opted for an AirBnB condo with own pool, air con and all the mod cons. Heaven!! Time for home-making, some relaxation and behaving like normal people was great for the soul!

The morning coffee addiction has been well catered for over the 6 weeks we have been in Phuket – the task to find great coffee in various locations has been very successful and helped in saving our Nespresso pods for passages. Wine is much more varied and available than had been reported but eye wateringly expensive. Finally a chain of Supermarkets called Villa Market became my favourite haunt to restock the boat and provision for the next few months ahead in places where western type food is not so common.

Christmas and New Year came and went with the speed that only happens when you are having the best time. In a villa overlooking Surin Beach and the Andaman Sea with Sal, Will and Theo as our base, we swam, ate, played cards and enjoyed each other’s ‘ company which only happens on an annual basis at the moment. We found our family favourite London restaurant, Zuma, had a pop up on Phuket over Christmas and New Year so all their special delights were enjoyed at dinner on New Years Eve with music and fireworks to bring in 2019. But time, as always, flies at such speed that now in mid January we are on the brink of continuing our journey west.

Calum returned to the freezing climes of Scotland for Christmas and New Year and has rejoined us, as has Kirsty, his lovely Scottish girlfriend, who will be additional crew for Miss Tiggy for the next few months. Our plan at this stage is to enjoy the unspoilt islands of Myanmar for diving and fishing, across the Andaman Sea to the Andaman Islands, an outpost of India (getting a visa for India to visit by yacht is an interesting task in itself ). Sir Lanka, the Maldives and Oman leading to the Red Sea and ultimately The Med…back to where it all started. Not sure what happened to the plan of putting Miss Tiggy on a yacht carrier but that seems to have been well and truly ditched!

3 thoughts on “Kub Kun Ka Thailand

  1. Such a unique and special time for you and James to treasure and for us the reader to stare wistfully into the distance- dreaming! Happy New Year- Lindy xx


  2. Our lives seem positively dull compared to yours, however we are spending time with our beautiful granddaughter and Lauren and Gustav and never want them to leave. Belated happy new year Nathan’s, hopefully we will enjoy a drink together in 2019


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