Standing down

For three weeks I was not going to post a blog – the length of the sail from the Galápagos to the Marquesas. While the crew of Miss Tiggy, James, Rachel, Lloyd and Sarah were finalising the preparations for one of the the longest passages of our rally, I was on a plane winging my way back to Australia. I have to admit I feel almost traitorous! While I have been sleeping comfortably every night and not having to contend with what James has described as “tedious” swell conditions or running out of cereal and fresh fruit and vegetables, or running out of anything for that matter, our boat has been making her way steadily across the Pacific.

Why did I jump ship?

Sal turned 30 on the 9th April and although we were unable to make it back by her actual birthdate I secretly flew to Noosa to surprise her at her birthday celebrations…thank you to Jude and Skroo for their generous gift of First Point! The added bonus was Will, who flew out from London to spend the birthday week with his sister. The other purpose of my visit has been to spend time with my recently widowed father in Hobart – precious time! I do now feel I can return to my journey with memories of a special time with a special man.

Meanwhile our boat has been renamed on the SSB (single side band) radio net that is run every day at sea. For the first week she went from “Miss Tiggy” to “Missing Tiggy” and then more recently “Who is Tiggy”!  This was not reflected in the number of emails I have received requesting a variety of stores to be taken back for a restock – boat parts, books, downloaded audio books and podcasts, biscuits, toothpaste, Aussie treats for our Rally mates – the list goes on…even a new pepper grinder. This last request has left me scratching my head as to what could possibly have happened to the brand new one I so recently left behind! I have also been able to supply the Skipper with the latest AFL updates and even get to the MCG for a first hand view. Luckily for me, and unluckily for them, I saw a group of Melbourne players at a coffee shop in Albert Park and they happily made agreed to be photographed with me (for my obsessed Husband sailing across the Pacific, I told them)!

I admit to being slightly over enthusiastic about watching the Yellow Brick tracker on a very regular basis to see how Miss Tiggy is progressing and her current speed (and to make sure she is still on the map). My brother kindly provided me with a paper world map so I could chart her progress over the vast Pacific Ocean…it is not until you watching from afar that you truly realise how lengthy this particular passage is. I have also been emailing Oyster friends to see how they are travelling and their eta into the Marquesas. 

So now I am enroute back to Miss T and am looking forward to rejoining the crew and discovering the islands of French Polynesia.


7 thoughts on “Standing down

  1. Pleased to hear you came back to the homeland for a surprise for Sally, hope your dad is doing OK. Now back to the skipper!


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