Farewell “Topdeck” “Back Roads” and “True Blue”

“Hey True Blue, don’t say you’ve gone, Say you’ve knocked off for a smoko and you’ll be back later on…” (David Williamson)

This week has been one of goodbyes!

Where do you start to thank the hundreds of wonderful people who have worked alongside James and I for more than 10 years. On Thursday night there was emotion, laughter, tears – a whole plethora of events and people that meshed together over a 10 year period to create a family that has become “Topdeck” and “Back Roads”.

Today we also parted company with “True Blue” – our reminder of being an Aussie in the UK! We purchased her in 2010 with no idea of the impact that she would have on our lives.  We explored the southern coast of England from the Solent and Isle of Wight to the magnificent west country of Devon and Cornwall. As my confidence grew we crossed the English Channel and visited the Channel Islands of Alderney, Sark, Guernsey and Jersey including a stint down the French coast to St Malo.

She was the main stress release for James who was juggling long days at the office with a great deal of travel around Europe. Any opportunity to get on the boat, he was there! Some times I had to remind him that going out in a Force 7 wasn’t such a good idea – you are only as good as your weakest crew member which clearly was me! He was always looking for people to join him – even the guys at work had to make up excuses as to why they couldn’t go out when they saw the weather forecast!

We met our great English friends and fellow yachting enthusiasts, Clare and Chris Berry when their daughter Sophie and Will were studying at a University in Bologna together. They would scoff when we would break out into the “True Blue” song after a few G&T’s and a couple of red wines – all Aussie’s know that you can fix anything with a piece of wire!

Thank you “Topdeck”, “Back Roads” and “True Blue” for playing such an intrinsic part in the past decade and giving us (or me in particular) the confidence to contemplate our next adventure!

James on True Blue








3 thoughts on “Farewell “Topdeck” “Back Roads” and “True Blue”

  1. Nathan’s, you go from one outstanding adventure to another! How the time when you first moved to London has flown, what you two have packed in to eleven years (if my memory serves me correctly) is exhausting to say the least. You have put in the tireless hours and have been wonderful role models for those you have mentored in Top Deck and Back Roads and now it is your turn to challenge yourselves on an adventure of a lifetime. So excited to follow your journey to Australia and Hugh and I will be there to crack a bottle of celebratory champagne when you reach your destination. Sail safe xx


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