Our voyage of discovery into blue water sailing incorporated constant and trawling visits to some of Europe’s best known Boat Shows. We identified the English designed and built “Oyster” as our yacht of choice – coincidently we had viewed a boat called “On Liberty” at the Southampton Boat Show in 2010. This was the first hull of the new Oyster 575 series…we drooled at her and hoped…one day!

In September 2015 she became “Miss Tiggy”.

We thought a 12 month lead in would be plenty of time to prepare but now that we are in the final 3 months before we set sail to join the ARC+  and sail across the Atlantic, time is of the essence.  We had already signed up for the Oyster World Rally which will link with our Atlantic crossing and starts in Antigua in the Caribbean in January 2017. Full steam ahead to the Pacific and home, or so we thought!

Then came the lists…and lists of lists…and more lists!

Courses and seminars to be completed, including Medical First Aid at Sea  (James will not be doing the suturing), sail mending, SSB radio, fresh water making, provisioning, Sea Survival, Crew Security and more, visits to the doctor and dentist (refer the film “Castaway” – nobody wants a toothache at sea), administration, entertainment (do we need all the episodes of “Game of Thrones”?), music, charts, flags, insurance, bank accounts, mail redirection, clothes, comms, 25 visits to the tip etc, etc, etc…sell the car and then spend as much time as possible understanding the many systems that operate the boat!

All the courses that we have done have been hugely beneficial – we even spent a day learning about battery power (sounds incredibly dry but amazingly interesting)!  Last Friday we both completed a Sea Survival course where actually saw what happens when your life raft is thrown into the water! It is a reminder that it is all well and good to have all the life saving equipment on board but it is also necessary to know how to use them! We also managed to upset the neighbours by letting off flares in the local marina!







7 thoughts on “How?

  1. I imagine you are starting to feel a tad nervous and excited and anxious and whatever else goes with doing a voyage of this magnitude! What an adventure you guys will have, can’t wait for each blog to pop up! So excited for you both 🛳

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  2. Bet you don’t have time to done that face protection if you really need to use flares! Lets hope you never do! I look forward to seeing Miss Tiggy at anchor off Onetangi beach in time for celebrations on Oct 12th 2017. XX Liz

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  3. Love your blog! Your preparations have sounded just like ours!! Looking forward to seeing you both in the Canaries:) Annie & Tom VELA


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