Circa 2000, dining in a local Brisbane restaurant with our teenage children, Sally and Will, James announced that one day he was going to sail around the world. Slightly incensed, our offspring exclaimed in unison “What about Mum”? Indeed!

Fast forward 16 years – our children are now settled in different cities, one in Melbourne and the other in London – both have completed University and have successful careers. James has taken a sabbatical from working 12 hours a day at “the pointy end” of Topdeck and Back Roads Touring and  I have spent a number of years (apart from working) honing my skills on numerous boating encounters, most specifically on board “True Blue”our Maxi  1100, based in the Hamble.

IMG_1574Thus I have taken the plunge and committed (well 90% anyway) to join James and our new boat “Miss Tiggy” (an Oyster 575) and set sail across the oceans.



13 thoughts on “Why?

  1. And so it begins! You have always been able to write descriptively and succinctly Tig- so I am really looking forward to reading your Blog. Safe travels and love to you and James- Lindy xx

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  2. So excited for you ! It was always a dream for Paul & I 😰 Maybe see you in Bermuda ??
    Can’t wait for your blog .. and book of course. Love following sailor’s stories

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